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The Community Health Screening Outreach Project, (CHCSOP)

Public Health Care, generally in Ghana has remained unsolved, especially, to citizens in the rural areas of the country.  A numbers of factors contribute to this fact. Some being the lack of access to information, lack of basic facilities and distance to health facilities and others such as good roads, electricity, hospitals, and even low economic conditions. This remains both a national and social headache, because innocent citizens die of minor diseases which can easily be cured through first aid. Which is why, the government of Ghana through the Ghana Health Services (GHS) introduced the Community Base Health planning services (CHPs) in 2000. The Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI), will be working in partnership of Municipal and CHPS Coordinating units/zones to compliments the government of Ghana’s effort bring health care to the door steps of citizens in selected District/Municipal assemblies. the project is expected to be implemented within three (3) years, thus starting this December, 2015 through 2017.



The AFAWI Community Health Screening Outreach Project (CHCSOP) aims at complimenting the effort of the Ghana health services to address the fundamental challenges regarding citizen’s access to quality healthcare services in Ghana. Bringing Public Health Care Screening to the doorsteps of citizens in selected rural areas across the country.



Community health outreach screening is expected to be carried out in Greater Accra, Western , Eastern, Central and Volta region of Ghana with 2105-2017. 5 member medical team from AFAWI comprising of Medical doctor, Community health Officer (CHO), Midwife and Nurse, will be working in partnership with the District Health Monitoring Committee (DHMC), Volunteers/interns and the community.

The Team will move through the above mentioned regions, to create awareness for communicable diseases and basic public issues. Citizens through this will be sensitized and screened on diseases that affect them. Such as Malaria, Typhoid Fever, Blood Pressure, Hyperthesis B, Breast Cancer Examination, Dental Disorders, Skin Infections and Sight Problems. As well as provide basic services such a registering communities members on the National health insurance and distributing free insecticide mosquito nets.

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