Infrastructure Directorate

This Directorate ensures the availability of technical expertise and guidance in all processes in the development of policies, plans, regulations, standards, and the implementation of national strategic programmes and projects of the Ministry.

The Directorate comprises the following units:

  • Capital Investment and Project Management Unit (CIPMU): The Unit coordinates, supervises, monitor and evaluate the implementation of all strategic national projects of the Health sector. It collaborates with the PPME Directorate to review the capital investment plan and budget of the sector. Further, the office will be responsible for project evaluation and assessment to ensure quality assurance, specifications, conditions and standards. It also provides strategic advises to the Ministry on Capital investment opportunities and funding streams. It also ensures value for money in all capital investment activities of the Ministry. It ensures effective financial management and control on commercial loans/credit, government support and multilateral funding of capital investments of the sector.


  • Biomedical Engineering Unit (BEU): The Unit is responsible for ensuring the rationalization and management of healthcare technology deployment, successful acquisition of quality/standard applications and sustenance of medical equipment to support the national health delivery system. Coordinate the pre-installation, post-installation services (recalibrations, recodifications etc.), end user support services, training and skills transfer on specialize or new biomedical applications, equipment, plants, and machines nation-wide. Provide technical support for major rehabilitation, re-equipping of health facilities the accreditation, regulation and quality control assurance of medical equipment.
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