Finance Directorate

It is responsible for financial management policy, resource mobilization, disbursement, financial accounting and reporting. It is also responsible for managing the finances of the Ministry Headquarters.


  • To safeguard the interest of the Ministry in all financial transactions relating to revenue and expenditure.
  • To mobilize and disburse financial resources and provide/generate reports for management control.
  • Facilitates the implementation of efficient financial management systems.

It consists of the following units:

  •  Accounts
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Financial Management Services
  • Staff Salary
  • Staff Car Revolving
  • Treasury




  • Processes Headquarters’ transactions for Government of Ghana subventions, Health Fund and Earmarked funds.
  • Prepares financial and management reports for MOH Headquarters’ operations.
  • Assist Regulatory & Statutory Agencies of MOH with their Financial Management responsibilities.


Provision of Financial Information

  •  Prepares Financial and other statements of accounts for external purpose.
  • Maintains Financial Information for management use for control purposes.
  • Advice and support management in meeting their regulatory obligations in respect of financial accountability.
  • Leads in the development and implementation of accounting systems.
  • Advises on information systems to meet the financial requirements of the Ministry.


Business Analysis and Measurement

  • Assists in the planning and monitoring of Ministry’s performance.
  • Advises management for the control of expenditure and monitors the budgets.


Statutory Audit

  • Prepares for and control the statutory audit process.
  • Develops plans for monitoring and implementation of Audit findings.


Asset Management

  • Promotes growth in the Ministry’s financial and physical asset.
  • Monitors and maintain the Ministry’s cash flow requirement.
  • Advises and assists the Ministry in controlling and investigating risks associated with fraud.
  • Ensures judicious use of funds.


Management Operation

  •  Establishes and maintains safe, secure and healthy working environments.
  • Develops and maintain effective and ethical relationships amongst all finance staff.
  • Assists the HRD to ensure adequate Accounts staff, establishment for all agencies of Ministry of Health.
  • Prioritizes on-going personnel and professional development of finance staff.
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