Research Statistics Information Management Directorate

This Directorate conducts research into policy and strategy options, compiles and analyses data for the Ministry in particular and government as a whole. It maintains a data bank for effective and efficient decision-making.

This Directorate also projects the good image of the Sector both within and outside the country by disseminating information on the Ministry’s policies, activities and procedures as well as providing a mechanism for receiving feedback on Government’s policies and activities.

The directorate is composed of the following units:

  1. Research and Statistics Unit: Adopt and apply innovative research approaches to support the development and review of policies, plans, regulations, standards, programmes and projects of the sector.

Coordinate the production of statistical data and reports for the health sector to facilitate policy review and development, effective policy communications and stakeholder  analysis, education and sensitization.

     2.  Documentation and Information Management Unit: The Unit is responsible for the Documentation Centre and for collating required data to create a sector database for the policy and other needs of the sector. It leads in creating the appropriate policy strategies for branding and building the corporate image for the success of government business within the sector. Focus areas include sector-wide database on:

    1. service delivery agencies
    2. regulatory agencies
    3. medical training agencies
    4. medical research
    5. human resource
    6. logistics
    7. Central repository

      3.  Information and Communication technology Unit: It Initiates and maintains the information technology network, infrastructure and application system for the Ministry. It also develops supports and integrates new technologies into the operations of the Ministry.

Specific functions of the Unit includes:

  • To develop skills and competencies required for automation of information within the health sector.
  • To develop and update hardware and software standards for procurement and deployment of computers for the health sector.
  • To establish computer systems and network support unit at the central level to provide in-house technical support to information automation.
  • To manage and support IT hardware and software infrastructure
  • Manage and coordinate Health IT projects
  • Develop health IT policies and regulatory framework
  • To develop, administer and maintain a Ministry of Health Website as a central broadcast facility for the sector.
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