Procurement & Supply

Procurement and Supply Chain Directorate (PSCD)

This Directorate ensures the availability of technical expertise and guidance in all processes in the development of procurement and supply chain policies, plans, regulations, standards, programes and projects for the of the Ministry. It coordinates central procurement and supervises the management of the Central Medical Stores. It provides the framework for effective and efficient procurement, distribution and use of health sector goods, works and services.

Furthermore, it is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of utilization of supplies by GHS, Teaching Hospitals and Agencies contracted by the Ministry to ensure efficiency.


        1. Procurement Regulations/Standards Unit: The Unit develops and reviews the specific policies for the procurement activities of the Ministry. It designs and develops   mechanisms, systems, plans and strategies; and is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating the procurement procedures including standard bidding document.
  • Executing procurement of goods, services and works of the Ministry.
  • Managing procurement through procurement Agencies.
  • Coordinating emergency procurement and donations.
  • Providing training and capacity building to procurement professionals in the Ministry
  • Advises on all procurement issues in the Ministry.


       2. Central Medical Stores Unit: The Unit is responsible for:

  • Receiving stores and distributing goods meant for Agencies of the Ministry.
  • Monitoring the supply chain to ascertain timeliness and quality of goods.
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