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Regenerative Health & Nutrition

Regenerative health is the attainment of optimal physical and mental well being through the adoption of holistic healthy lifestyles that strengthen and renew the body and mind and prevent diseases.

The Regenerative Health and Nutrition (RHN) Programme is a new preventive and promotive health care programme initiated by the Ministry of Health (MOH). It aims to transform the health, lives and socioeconomic development of Ghanaians. It is a logical policy programme after health insurance. Its long term effect can bring about a reduction in the cost of lifestyle diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, Gout and others which are currently on the increase. Lifestyle changes include what people eat and drink, and their physical activity levels, rest, and cleanliness.

The programme draws on the experiences of an African Hebrew Community, living in Dimona, Israel and tries to adapt them to Ghana. The main objective of the programme is to reduce the risk of occurrence of diseases and disorders for individuals, households and communities so as to contribute to the development of a healthier and productive population that can create wealth for itself and the country.


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