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MOH holds Nursing and Midwifery Mentorship Programme

Acknowledging the vital role that nurses and midwives play in healthcare delivery, the Ministry of Health has held a nursing and midwifery professional mentorship programme, marking the event with an orientation workshop and induction ceremony for both mentors and mentees in Accra.
This initiative is designed to strengthen the healthcare system and nurture the next generation of exceptional nurses and midwives in Ghana.
The Chief Director of the Ministry of Health, Alhaji Hafiz Adam, delivering a speech on behalf of Dr Bernard Okoe Boye, the Health Minister, announced that with the completion of the old Nursing and Midwifery Strategic plan in 2023, the new strategic plan for nursing and midwifery from 2024 to 2028 will be launched in the next quarter.
He emphasised the necessity of skilled professionals in the evolving healthcare landscape, characterised by new technologies, the increasing burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and the persistent threats of epidemics and pandemics. He highlighted that the mentorship programme is essential in meeting these challenges.
Through the programme, he said the health sector aims to bridge the knowledge and clinical skills gap, promote best practices and ethical conduct, enhance the retention of nursing and midwifery talent and foster leadership.
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