Dr. Wisdom Atiwoto

Dr. Wisdom Atiwoto
Dr. Wisdom Atiwoto is a specialist in Health Informatics and has been involved in the digital transformation currently ongoing in Ghana.

As the Director of Research Statistics and Information Management (RSIM) at the Ministry of Health, He is the lead for the digital transformation of Ghana’s health sector and is responsible for advancing the practice of data-driven decision-making in the sector. He is also responsible for setting up a sector-responsive research agenda that contributes to improved health outcomes.

Before joining the Ministry of Health, Dr. Atiwoto had worked with the Ghana Health Service as a Health Informatics specialist and was the team lead for Monitoring and Evaluation. He had previously served as the Chief Information Officer of the Ghana Armed Forces Medical Service where he was involved in the introduction and rollout of Ghana’s first major digital health intervention that started in 2003.

In the Ministry of Defense, He also worked as the medical officer in charge of the 2nd Garrison in Takoradi. He is a decorated United Nations Peacekeeper and has two medals from serving in the medical cell of the Ghana battalion in Lebanon.

Having previously served as a lecturer in the biostatistics department of the University of Ghana School of Public Health where he was the unit head responsible for the Master’s in Health Informatics program, Dr. Atiwoto was involved in curriculum development, instructional design, and delivery for both in-person and online digital learning.

Dr. Atiwoto is an experienced physician with graduate training in health informatics and has extensive knowledge in informatics practice with over 15 years of involvement in various digital health initiatives. He has informatics consulting experience involving private, public, and non-state organizations operating in Ghana’s health system, in areas such as patient care, public health programs, health insurance, monitoring, and evaluation among others.

He is a thought leader in areas such as Telehealth, Electronic Health Records (EMR), Health data standards, healthcare big data, analytics, and has also been involved in the development of innovative ways of using data science and machine learning to drive the culture of data-driven decision making to improve health outcomes.

Dr. Wisdom Atiwoto holds a degree in Medicine from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and a Master of Philosophy in Health Informatics from the University of Ghana. He has over the years received additional training on Project Management, and various training in research, data science, and other digital health disciplines.

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