The directorate is responsible for the initiation and co-ordination of health research for informing health policy and planning of health delivery.  It manages health information and technology activities to improve health outcomes in the sector.



  • Coordinate the generation of research information to support policy formulation and policy review.
  • Maintain a data and information repository for decision-making.
  • Develop the use of Information and Communication Technology to improve efficiency in the management of information for decision-making.
  • Project the good image of the health sector through the dissemination of information on policies and programmes.


It consist of the following units:

  • Research and Statistics
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Documentation and Corporate Communication



Research and Statistics Unit

  • To build inter agency capacity for operational research.
  • To commission in-depth studies based on an agreed research agenda.
  • To build a repository of non-routine information that can be accessed for decision-making.
  • To define and establish a framework by which agencies will collect and analyze information for decision-making.
  • To maintain and update a database on all reported data by agencies and ensure that relevant sector-wide information on the performance of the health sector is available to all stakeholders.
  • To isolate data on key selected indicators (Sector-wide indicators, MDGs, etc.) and analyze trends and other parameters to provide a clear understanding of the performance of the health sector.
  • To publish annual statistical bulletin on the performance of the sector and update all service statistics on the Ministry of Health Website.


Information and Communication technology Unit

  • To develop skills and competencies required for automation of information within the health sector.
  • To develop and update hardware and software standards for procurement and deployment of computers for the health sector.
  • To establish computer systems and network support unit at the central level to provide in-house technical support to information automation.
  • To manage and support IT hardware and software infrastructure
  • Manage and coordinate Health IT projects
  • Develop health IT policies and regulatory framework
  • To develop, administer and maintain a Ministry of Health Website as a central broadcast facility for the sector.

Documentation and Corporate Communications Unit

  • To define policy on records storage and retrieval system for the health sector in collaboration with PRAAD.
  • To compile information on important health events, decisions and agreements for the consumption of managers.
  • To establish and maintain systems and procedures to facilitate inter and intra ministerial flow of information to ensure that the public is apprised of current events and policy changes in the Ministry.
  • To prepare periodic bulletins of information from the Ministry, implementing agencies and elsewhere of operational interest to improve performance in the sector.
  • To establish and operate information resource center at the headquarters and the establishment of such centers by agencies.