The Directorate of Administration is responsible for providing general administrative support and protocol services to the Ministry.

Directorate Objective

  • To provide the necessary administrative and legal support to other Directorates, Departments, Agencies and Units of the Ministry to promote efficient service delivery.

It consists of the following units:

  • General Administration
  • Personnel Administration
  • Protocol
  • Public Relations
  • Transport
  • Gender
  • Stores
  • Estates


Units Responsibilities


General Administration

  • Ensures efficient administration of transport, stores and estate facilities.
  • Sets up/operates effective client services unit to promote and maintain good relationship between the Ministry and its clients.


Personnel Administration, Training and Development

  • Undertakes the periodic review of personnel and welfare policies in relation to overall sector plans and priorities to facilitate optimum harnessing of the human resources of the Ministry.
  • Undertakes the recruitment, selection and placement of new staff and monitors the progress of newly engaged staff to ensure that they become efficient and committed to their work within the Ministry.
  • Establishes and maintains personnel records.
  • Develops mechanism for prompt receipt and dispatch of correspondences.
  • Provides channels of effective communication and procedures/machinery for grievances and disputes resolution.
  • Serves as the liaison office for industrial relations.
  • ¬†Initiates and implements productivity improvement schemes and cost reduction programmes in the Ministry.
  • Ensures that appropriate human resource levels are consistent with organizational requirements.
  • Develops and implements adequate training programmes for the staff in the Ministry.
  • Prepares and updates personnel specifications for the approved positions in the Ministry.
  • Facilitates the appraisal of staff in the Ministry and makes recommendations for rewards or penalties, as appropriate.



  • Provides effective and efficient protocol services for the Ministry.