Author: Samuel Ampomah

Fight against TB, a national health priority – Minister

Mr. Kwaku Agyeman Manu, the Minister Health, has vowed to remain relentless in the fight against tuberculosis (TB), saying, this remains a national health priority. Everything would be done to bring down the disease prevalence rate and he called for all to join hands with health workers to achieve the goal. The Minister said this in speech read for him by Dr. Frank Bonsu, the National TB Control Programme Manager, at the launch of the Ghana Parliamentary TB Caucus in Accra. This comes amid recent detection of a TB type which has not been seen in the country before....

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Gonorrhoea researchers identify innovative vaccine, new antibiotic

Researchers have identified a protein that powers the virulence of the bacteria that causes gonorrhoea, opening the possibility of a new target for antibiotics and, even better, a vaccine. The findings, published Friday in PLOS Pathogens, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, are especially important since the microbe, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, is considered a “superbug” because of its resistance to all classes of antibiotics available for treating infections. Gonorrhoea, a sexually transmitted disease that results in 78 million new cases worldwide each year, is highly damaging if untreated or improperly treated. It can lead to endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease,...

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World Hepatitis Day – 28th July 2018

Worldwide, 300 million people are living with viral hepatitis unaware. Without finding the undiagnosed and linking them to care, millions will continue to suffer, and lives will be lost. On World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, we call on people from across the world to take action, raise awareness and join in the quest to find the “missing...

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